Pre-Foreclosure Prevention Plan

Are you late on your mortgage payments or is your mortgage about to adjust? Are you now unable to make your payments? Have you tried to refinance your home but you no longer have equity? These are the many problems now facing homeowners who bought or refinanced their homes within the past eight years. You need to be aware of your options before it becomes too late.

One in five hundred homes (national average) are expected to go into foreclosure in the next year due to numerous factors affecting our National Economy today. Call us today for a confidential meeting with our team of experts who have helped numerous homeowners to get out of these difficult situations.

The reason for our success is that we are trained to deal with the banks that carry your loans. We will discuss the necessary steps you need to take in order to reduce your mortgage or simply sell your home even if you owe more than its worth at no cost to you. All appointments are held in strict confidence. As part of our service to you we will help you understand your options and rights in this complex market. Banks and lenders are continuously changing their policies and guidelines. We can show you how to keep your credit in good standing and avoid possible tax implications. There are options that can help.

Why lose your home or destroy your credit when it isn’t necessary?

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